Pavel Metelitsyn

software generalist _

I work on custom software solutions related to self-sovereing identity, blockchain and security.
Co-founder of Domi Labs.

Based in Berlin.


Some areas I have been working in recently

Data Vizualisation Cloud Applications AWS Self Sovereign Identity Blockchain Functional programming Applied Cryptography

During last 12 years I have built complex software projects and gained experience in many areas of software development, from UI/UX design to DevOps to project management. Currently my interest is in the areas of Digital Identity, Cryptography, Blockchain, and Data Vizualization.

What I do

Technology consulting

  • Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Technology Research
  • Digital Transformation
  • Security and Compliance

Software development

  • Custom Software Design and Architecture
  • Hands-on Coding
  • Collaborative Development
  • Performance Optimization

Building teams

  • Technical Interviews and Assessments
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Team Optimization
  • Technical Mentorship

Areas of technical expertise

Cloud Applications
& Web Development
Cryptography & Security
& Distributed Ladger

Digital Identity Management
Functional Programming
Data Visualization

my current tech stack

Projects I've been working on recently


2021 - 2023
Solution architect with VERITIC - a Switzerland based company focusing on ultra secure custody solutions for NFT's for institutional clients and individuals. As part of a team I work on designing and implementing microservice architectures that integrate custom business logic with enterprise-grade Key Management systems in a multi-chain environment. The technology stack includes Web3, Hardware Security Modules and Trusted Execution Environments.

Blockchain NFT Cryptography TEE HSM PKCS#11 Cloud Java Node.js Rust

Domi Labs

2019 - 2023
Co-founder and CTO of Domi Labs - a company researching possibilities of using Self Sovereign Identity to enhance business processes. The core technology focuses on KYC, excahnge of verified documents, contract management and privacy. Domi Lab's current project aims at creating a universal rental passport for tenants and a complementary software solution for property managers enabling an end-to-end digital rental contract lifecycle. Domi Labs utilizes cutting edge technology stack involving Decentralized Identifiers, Semantic Web and Zero Knowledge Proofs.

Self Sovereign Identity Cryptography KYC ZKP DID AWS Clojure Elixir Node.js React-Native

Interactive Data Visualisations

2022 - 2023
Interactive dashboard developed for the Scientific Institute of the AOK - the largest public health insurance provider in Germany - summarizing data on the quality of medical services provided by all German hospitals over several years. This project included the development of data structures, programming interactive charts, maps, and user interface, implementing the API for data provision and aggregation as well as deployment and maintenance. This work has been done in collaboration with digital design agency Lorenz & Fuchs.

Vue.js D3.js Leaflet MariaDB Node.js Nginx


Over last two decades I had my hands on with a lot of programming languages, frameworks and libraries. The following is a non-exhaustive list of technologies that I have been using in the past and I am confident using today .

Java Python Typescript Clojure Elixir Node.js C C++ Node.js Rust Substrate Solidity Spring Boot Qt OpenGL/WebGL Three.js D3.js Express Vue React React-Native SQL MongoDB Elasticsearch RabbitMQ AWS Gitlab Docker GraphQL Hyperledger Indy Hyperledger Aries Casper Algorand Polygon


Started programming at age 10. Graduated in pure mathematics, worked as a researcher focusing on scientfic high performance computing and computer algebra. Started to work independently as software developer with focus on data intensive algorithmically challenging problems, cloud, blockchain and applied cryptography. Co-founded a tech startup.